Get Inspired Part 2 : Avoid “Faux Wealth”

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FAUX WEALTH DESTROYS REAL WEALTH “Faux wealth” is the illusion of wealth without having it. It believes society’s definition of wealth of trying to look good even if you dont have what it takes. It’s not realizing that the pursuit of “faux wealth” does something terribly destructive: It destroys real wealth. The more your faux wealth, the more you lack wealth. And as the chasm between real wealth and faux wealth expands, expectations are violated and misery creeps in. Like a Chinese finger-cuff, the more you try to look rich, the tighter the grip of poorness becomes. Wealth cannot be purchased at a Mercedes dealership, but the destruction of your freedom can. The road to Faux wealth, is the road to poverty.
Lost in wealth’s translation is freedom. People flaunt the icons of wealth, but do not have freedom, and when you don’t have freedom, it assiduously gnaws at the other true wealth elements, health and relationships.
“Tunji Dokunbo buys his dream house in the Lekki suburbs for 18 million, the money he borrowed from a bank. As a pharmaceutical representative for one of the leading drug makers, Henry’s career is on the fast-track. His big home has everything he wants, including a pool, horse stables, and an impressive five-car garage. The purchase gives Henry a feeling of “I’ve made it!” . . . for about eight weeks.  Recession, corporate politics and job cuts invade Henry’s career, forcing him to work longer hours and earn lesser pay. He assumes other territories once covered by recently laid-off workers. Henry commutes two hours daily and is mandated to cover the entire Southwestern parts of Nigeria. He’s either on the road, in a plane, or sleeping. The long hours have disturbing clarity: Henry rarely “lives” at his dream home, and when he does, he spends it sleeping or recharging from the hustle of the workweek. His relationship with his wife and kids suffers. His health declines as the stress of responsibility mount. Henry comes to a moment of truth: “I’m not living a dream, but my dream is living me.” Feeling trapped to the lifestyle illusion, Henry continues to work hard but finds it difficult to pay the bank in return. As a result, he lost the house to the bank, move back to mainland in Lagos and owed debts everywhrere. Problems everywhere, reduced productivity and heart aches”. That’s exactly how poverty starts, living beyond reasonable expectations.  Many people live above their expected expectations, trying to impress people who don’t care about them.
Notice how the faux wealth attacks the other sibling wealth components. Unaffordable material possessions have consequences to our health and relationships. The irony of looking wealthy is that it is an enemy to real wealth: It destroys freedom, it destroys health, and it destroys relationships.
Foremost, To be wealthy is to have live reasonably because its a portion of the wealth trinity, self truth offers protection to health and relationships, not just wealth. It also offers a secured future. Only you can define your future and how you prefer to live. Within your personal definition, you’ll find a big piece of your wealth puzzle, as opposed to society’s version, which leads to Side walking purgatory of poverty at old age.

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